Krai-Woog-Gumpen Water­fall

During a stay in the southern Black Forest, I was able to photo­graph the beau­tiful water­fall called Krai-Woog-Gumpen. Read the blog to find out how I managed to take great pictures despite poor photo conditions. 

You can find the VLOG to the BLOG below, at the end of the blog post. In this Youtube video you will learn how I took the pictures in this post and some tips on shoo­ting tech­ni­ques and picture composition. 


Sony a7III
Sony FE 2.8/16–35 mm GM

Sony a7III + Sony FE 2.8/16–35 mm GM @ 16 mm, f/11, 1/4 Sek., ISO 640

Only blue skies for days, what to do?

During a family stay in the Black Forest, I really wanted to pursue my passion of land­scape photo­graphy a little and photo­graph some beau­tiful water­falls. What do you ideally need for this? Right, cloudy skies, ideally even some fog or light rain. What did we have during our stay? Of course. Not a single cloud in the sky for days.

So what do you do? Exactly, just do what you are there for. Namely, water­fall photo­graphy. I sneaked out of the house early in the morning and used the geogra­phical condi­tions to my advan­tage. Right after sunrise, the Krai Woog Gumpen is still in the shade of the forest for some time in summer. This time was still my chance to get atmo­spheric shots. 

The plan worked. Some great pictures came out of it. I even had some time to record ever­y­thing in a VLOG. However, I made a few beginner’s mistakes, but some­times there’s just some­thing wrong. But you can see more in the video below. 

By the way, you can reach the Krai-Woog-Gumpen quite easily by car, just enter it in Google Maps. Parking is at the side of the road. There is also a small parking area for 2–3 cars. It’s less than 200 m from the car to the water­fall, so you can reach it in no time. You can reach the basin below via roots and rocks, from where you can get a good view of the waterfall. 

Sony a7III + Sony FE 2.8/16–35 mm GM @ 16 mm, f/11, 1/8 s, ISO 1600

This and all other shots of this post you can request under “Prints” as an art print for your wall at home directly from me. 

Pictures from the VLOG

In this gallery, I have compiled all the photos from the VLOG so that you can view them at your leisure. Have a look on Youtube and leave a comment or a like. If you liked the video, you can also subscribe to my channel so that you don’t miss any new videos.

VLOG to the BLOG

Bad luck and mishaps during my stay in the Black Forest: blue skies for days, how can you do land­scape photo­graphy? And then I made a beginner’s mistake… Nevert­heless, the result is a hopefully inte­res­ting and enter­tai­ning nature photo­graphy VLOG of flowing water and some great pictures of a beau­tiful water­fall. Have fun watching!

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