a illus­trated book

“Photo­gra­phing nature is expe­ri­en­cing it first­hand.”
– Fritz Pölking – 



A illus­trated book about the wine and pilgrimage town and its nature and landscapes

During the pandemic you should stay at home. I used the time in my home­town for a project and photo­gra­phed it from all corners. In this illus­trated book you can expect over 180 pages of high-quality photo­graphs of my home­town Malsch and the nature and land­scapes that surround it. So you have not seen this place yet. 

Over 180 high-quality photo­graphs of Malsch and the surroun­ding area

Strictly limited and signed

Now available for order!

Climate-neutral prin­ting on FSC-certi­fied paper

Feed­back on my first illus­trated book

I rarely adver­tise, but when I do, it’s because I’m abso­lutely thrilled and that’s the case here.
A decla­ra­tion of love to the home­land, so or so similar one could have called this beau­tiful illus­trated book, the Simon Schön­hoff has created here.
Dear Mälscher, dear Malscher (yes, I know there are diffe­rences made), this illus­trated book belongs on your shelf. So you have seen your home­land certainly not yet. There are great motives, in addi­tion some­thing explained, what more do you want. Who has not yet struck, which should do that as soon as possible, as long as what is still there.

“Thanks for the great book. Of course I had to take a look myself before giving it away. Really a very high quality book with great feel and photo­graphs that radiate emotion and put you directly in the appro­priate envi­ron­ment / mood. Malsch is really shown here from the best side.”


“Looked in — really super nicely done!!! Great photos and the expl­ana­tions to the pictures are super …

Please sche­dule one from Rettig­heim 🙂 🙂 That would be so great.”


“Best thanks again for the nice surprise last night and the personal deli­very.
The illus­trated book is wonderful, very successful.… Chapeau.…. !!!!!
Have great plea­sure in it.
And even did a little bit of good. That’s a nice feeling.”


“I am speechless (that doesn’t happen often). The book is wonderful. The photo­graphs gorgeous, the texts swell! I’m already on page 169!”



Malsch – Ein Bild­band über den Wein- und Wall­fahrtsort und dessen Natur und Landschaften


On over 200 pages with more than 180 photo­graphs you will get to know my home­town Malsch from all sides.
Climate-neutral printed on FSC-certi­fied paper. Now available for order.

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On over 200 pages with more than 180 photo­graphs you will get to know my home­town Malsch from all sides.
In Zeiten von „Stay at home“ habe ich die Chance für ein beson­deres Projekt genutzt und meinen Heimatort und seine direkte Umge­bung von allen Seiten und Facetten abgelichtet.

Discover in this illus­trated book my home­town, the nature and land­scape that the Letzen­berg, the flood­plain and the adja­cent forest have to offer.
The illus­trated book is strictly limited and is signed by hand.

Climate-neutral prin­ting on FSC-certi­fied paper
5€ of each sold copy goes to an asso­cia­tion of my home as a dona­tion, you decide which one!

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Spende 5€ an Tier­park Malsch e.V., Spende 5€ an Helfer vor Ort Malsch e.V., 2,5€ jeweils an beide Vereine


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